Sue’s Unfortunate Event

Published January 24, 2014 by suejansons

I was reminded the other day of the first car I owned. It was a 1971 green Chevy Impala. It was not my favorite car, but it got the job done, most of the time. I cannot tell you how many miles were on it, but there were a lot and I added even more to them.

When I owned this car, I lived on Long Island. The land of the ice and snow, as I now call it. I live in Orlando now, so you can understand why. One of the things that happened in winter when it snowed is that the plow trucks would spread sand and salt on the roads to melt the ice and give your car traction. While this was very helpful, if you had a metal car, like a 1971 green Chevy Impala, it would cause your car to rust. Cars are now made of plastic, so I don’t think it is a big issue anymore.

Anyway, the two back panels of the car were rusted out. There was definitely access to the trunk this way. Why do I mention this, you ask? Well I will tell you about the unfortunate event I once had in this car. The rusty panels become a huge factor in this story.

A bunch of my friends and I had planned this trip to go to upstate New York. There was a little town called Cobleskill and one person out of our group had friends that lived there. We planned to go up to see the friends play in a band and to just have a fun weekend. My ex-husband and I had never been up there before so we needed to follow another couple.

We left after work on a Friday and we left after dark. We were taking a parkway that had no lights on it. We are driving when all of a sudden, we heard clang, clang, clang. I said “Oh no, I think that was our lug wrench!” My ex asked why I thought it was the lug wrench. I told him that it probably fell out the side of the car where it was rusted out. And that is what happened. We decided that we would be ok until we got to the town and we could get a new one there.

Next thing we hear is the sound of our tire blowing out! Seriously, I am not kidding. Within 15 minutes of us losing our lug wrench, one of our tires blows out! We pull over and watch as we see the car we were following keep going, and going,  and then they were gone.

We are now on the side of the road, with no lights what so ever, with no lug wrench and a blown out tire. We don’t have a flashlight either. We look around the car to see what there is that we can use. We found a pair of vice grips! So while my ex-husband used the vice grips on the lug nuts, I used a lighter so he could see. I am sure it was a funny scene to other people, but not funny enough to stop and help! It took a long time, but we managed to get the tire changed. Just as we were about done, someone finally had turned around to help us. We told them we were grateful, but we had managed to get the job done. And shortly after that, the couple we were following pulled up behind us. They finally realized we were no longer behind them and fortunately came back to find us!

We were finally back on the road again and we actually had a good time that weekend! But I will never forget that adventure! What are the odds of all those things happening at that time in that order? Do you have a funny story about a road trip or your car? I would love for you to share them with me!

Hope you have a Scentsational Day!

14 comments on “Sue’s Unfortunate Event

  • I had a Honda civic that had a wire that would come out and whenever it wouldn’t start, I new what I had to do. I think back at that and how I had to get under the car for a plug wire like that…funny now!


  • Haven’t had anything this crazy happen to me lol unless I count the times when I was little and my uncle (who’s a mechanic) always insisted on buying old used cars. One time we were driving back from Miami to West palm beach and the car suddenly broke down lol good thing he is a mechanic and was able to fix it.


  • Oh Sue – I’ve had cars like that too! I like to think their rust and glitches gave them character! I once had an old Mini that would only play the tape player (yes, it’s THAT long ago!) at the right speed once we got to 30mph – any slower than that and it would slow down too! Very annoying at the time but funny looking back on it. I hope you’re looking back on your experience in the same way.


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