Published February 4, 2014 by suejansons

I recently came across an app called Happier. It encourages you to post things to the app so that you look for the good things in life, which in turn makes you happier. It is a free app, which always makes me happy!  It is similar to FourSquare in that you can connect with people and see what they posted to make them happy. I have only been using it for about a week now, but so far I like it.

The app allows you to post a comment, much like facebook, about what is making you happy right now. You are able to categorize it and add pictures as well. You then share that with all the people on the app that you have connected with. People are able to smile at your posts if they like it and comment too. And you can smile and comment on other peoples posts. You get points for posting on a regular basis and they have little quests for you to complete, also giving you points. The points are not something that can be redeemed, but you do level up. I am not sure if you unlock things once you reach certain levels, though.

Happier also offers a course for a fee. It is called Everyday Grateful and costs $ 19.99.  It lasts 21 days and from the description, the app sends you videos, fun articles and gives you activities to do. I did not opt to take this so I cannot say if it is worth the price. I may at some point in the future, though.

All in all, it is a forum that is completely positive. Unlike other social media sites where people tend to whine and complain, you won’t find that on Happier. I imagine if you use the app daily for at least a month, it probably would improve your mood. Positivity breeds positivity, right?

I believe most of us could stand to be at least a little bit happier, and when you are actively searching for things to make you happy, it does tend to lift your spirits.

Check out this app. It doesn’t cost anything and it might make you Happier! If you do decide to use it, please let me know what you think of it.

Have a Scentsational Day!

49 comments on “Happier!

  • I’ve seen this app but haven’t tried it out. I need more positive in my life but not sure I need another app to keep up with! Thanks for the info about the app. The forum is probably a very feel good place to hang out.


  • This sounds fantastic! I do get weary of some much negativity on FB- I often have that quote “promote what you love rather than bashing what you hate’ running through my head when I’m on there. Happiness is definitely a practice- even when it’s a struggle to work for it, it’s worth it!


  • I’ve never heard of the Happier app before. It sounds like a great reminder of all things wonderful. It’s so easy to overlook blessings sometimes when we feel down.


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