Sand Nails

Published February 6, 2014 by suejansons


My nails have been in desperate need of attention lately. I have been so busy and when not busy I have been sick, so I have had no time to get my nails done. In fact, my nails had grown so well and looked so good, and then they ALL started breaking. I had one pinky nail left that did not break, and I cut it. It just looked ridiculous…….

So, I took the time last night to get my nails done. I got a full set done because my nails were so short and I hated it. I also have a Valentine’s Dance this Saturday, and wanted to look nice. My husband and I are in the running for King and Queen of the dance! I will post about that experience later.

I went to my local nail shop after work last night. I chose this really pretty purple color for my nails. Because I have been sick, I have been pretty tired and did not really pay much attention to the polish I chose. I must say I was surprised! I chose OPI Liquid Sand! Have you heard of this? This is a new thing for me. The texture is not smooth which I find cool, but different. There are a lot of sparkles in it and what looks to me to be tiny sequins.

I think it looks pretty fancy! I did an online search for OPI Sand and found that they have this in 4 different colors! This line was inspired by Mariah Carey. The other colors offered are blue, red, and what looks like a black with red undertones. It comes in a gift set with all four colors. I found it on Amazon for $ 10.20. Not a bad price, in my opinion. The sparkle of the nails is very eye catching and I think this is the perfect polish for a special occasion or a fun night out.

I would definitely purchase this type of polish, but I think I would save it for special occasions. I work in a construction trailer, so there is no fashion show going on at my job. LOL Let me know if you have heard of Liquid Sand and if you have used it before. What do you think of it? If you haven’t used it, is it something you would try? Are there other special polishes you like? I want to know!

Have a Scentsational Day!


29 comments on “Sand Nails

  • I have a couple of the liquid sands – I’ve liked some and not others they definitely seem to work best with certain colours – I’m loving your purple! x


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