Have You Listened To Yourself?!?!?!?!?!?!

Published February 26, 2014 by suejansons

Yesterday, I was sitting at the dealership for a looooong time waiting to get my car repaired. Like most people there, I was on my smartphone, keeping myself entertained with Facebook, emails, games, and anything else I could think of to occupy my time. After a few hours, my phone was going to die. So, in order to save battery life, I put my phone away in case I needed to make a call.

There were no magazines to read, so I just sort of sat there and started thinking. Thinking led to having conversations with myself (in my head). But for some reason, I actually started listening to what I was saying to myself. And I wasn’t very nice to myself. I put myself down and called myself names.

Let’s break this down a little bit, shall we? If a random person called you an idiot, what would you do? I assume most people would not allow this. Their reactions may vary from just walking away to getting into a confrontation with this person, but you would not allow this to continue, would you?

And let’s say a friend of yours told you that you couldn’t do anything right. What would you do in this situation? Whether you work it out with them or just stop being friends with them, you still would not allow this behavior.

So, I asked myself why it was ok that I speak to myself this way. I would not stand for other people to treat me so badly. I could not think of a good reason why. I started analyzing the situation, and I realized that I didn’t even notice this is how I was talking to myself. I just was not paying attention, although the damage was still being done. I am willing to bet that most people that have this problem don’t realize it is happening either.

I found an interesting article regarding the topic.  http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/do-you-suffer-from-negative-self-talk This article helps explain how some people begin their negative self talk. For me, I am pretty sure it happened from my first marriage. You can read a little bit about it here http://wp.me/p4eYpE-28. It was a tough road for a while, but I was able to get out.

But there is good news! There are ways you can help yourself! Here is an article filled with quotes that help you see your own value and self-worth. http://www.pickthebrain.com/blog/15-quotes-help-smash-negative-thinking/.  And here is another article that deals with negativity in general. http://www.marcandangel.com/2014/02/23/15-powerful-beliefs-that-will-free-you-from-negativity/. I hope that these articles help people to cope and to understand this behavior.

And I will end with this quote that I found very powerful from the 15 Quotes post……….

“You’ve your five senses to create and express yourself for a happy life. Why let mere thoughts alone overpower all of them?” – Alden Tan
Have a Scentsational Day!

68 comments on “Have You Listened To Yourself?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Disapproving self-inventories appear to occupy more girls than guys. Perhaps some overdo the exercise. Perhaps too, some guys might benefit or at least, their friend might. But given the competitive nature of our species, it seems likely to proceed unchecked until we age enough to just say: “The hell with it!”
    By which time, it likely won’t matter anyway … Or so it seems to me. I must be cynical….


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