Published March 4, 2014 by suejansons

I am of Latvian descent……. Some people may not know this, but Russia invaded several Eastern European countries during World War II. That is actually why I am here in the United States. My grandparents fled Latvia when the Russians invaded and traveled to Germany. I don’t have a lot of the details, but I am told that my grandparents, along with my dad and his brothers, were put in work camps and my grandparents had numbers tattooed on their arms. Not a pleasant experience, I am sure.

I received an email today from  a Latvian American Group in regards to Russia invading the Ukraine. The email asked that all recipients contact their local PBS Station and ask that they air the film “The Soviet Story.”  It is a film released in 2008 about Russia’s violent history, and their part in history that some may not be aware of.  PBS has free access to this film and it might shed some light into what has already occurred and what could happen now.

You can visit the website for the film at This film is also available on, Amazon on Demand and iTunes. I encourage you to check it out and ask that you please contact your local PBS Station to air it and ask your friends and family to do the same. You can find your local station using this link:

I have not seen this film yet, but I plan to watch it tonight and will be contacting my local station today. I hope  you do the same.


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