My Monopoly Can Be Your Monopoly

Published September 9, 2014 by suejansons

There isn’t anyone I know that hasn’t played Monopoly. It is a game that has been around for a very long time and can be found in just about every home. And it is loved by so many.

Did you know there is a new Monopoly game? It’s called My Monopoly. The really cool thing that you can do with this game is customize and/or personalize it! The board is the same as the original, but you can use your own pictures on the playing pieces and on some if the cards to make it your very own. The game comes with stickers that allow you to print pictures and then place them on the different pieces.

Our kids loved the game we got in the mail, courtesy of BzzAgent. We got a free game to try out and let them know what we thought about the game.

The girls first wanted to put their own pictures on the stickers, but then we started talking about themes. We talked about how we could use pictures of our pets, or even a zoo theme. Then it turned to the guys from One Direction, and just kept going on and on.

You can make the game into a keepsake. You can use wedding pictures and give the game as a gift for an anniversary. Or you can take engagement pictures and make it a wedding gift.

Another great idea is to have pictures of your son or daughter all through school and give the game as a graduation gift. The possibilities are only limited to your own imagination.

The girls were so excited to play the game that we played the first round without even customizing it. We have always loved family game night. Of course, my husband wanted everyone else to win and made loan deals and gave us breaks on rent so that everyone could play longer. He is always doing sweet things like that.

The girls had so much fun that they played again by themselves once our game was done. Since it was the weekend, we let them stay up to play.

I recommend this game to anyone that likes the original Monopoly. I feel it adds a great new dimension to the game. And, on the practical side, it makes it easier to remember which playing piece is yours! It is a great way to make your family game night even more fun.

I would love to hear your ideas on what themes you would use. I know you are all creative! Please share!

Have a great night!

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