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Keeping Yourself Hydrated in the Winter Just Got Easier!

Published December 9, 2014 by suejansons

Winter is on it’s way and the cold weather has hit already in some places. And do you know what comes with cold weather? Dry skin! Even here in Florida the air gets very dry. That is why it is super important to stay hydrated. We all know we are supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day, but I know for me, it is pretty hard to do. So what is a person to do? Eat! Did you know that there are some foods that actually help you get hydrated? You can get up to 20% of your water intake from food! I had no idea until now.

So here are the top 15 hydrating fruits and veggies you can effortlessly add to your diet! Not only do they help rehydrate you, but they are all low calorie too!

Cucumbers- Add them to your salad or eat them by themselves with some low calorie dressing! Cucumbers have 96.7% water content.

Iceberg Lettuce- Have some for lunch or add an iceberg lettuce salad with your dinner. Iceberg Lettuce has 95.6% water content.

Celery- You can easily eat this as a snack any time. Bring a few stalks to work with you and snack on them throughout the day. Celery has 95.4% water content.

Radishes- Another easy addition to any salad. My parents used to eat slices all the time. Radishes have 95.3% water content.

Tomatoes- I am seeing a trend with salad items! LOL You can also add them to sandwiches. I used to like to have tomato sandwiches on white toast and mayonnaise. So yummy! Tomatoes have 94.5% water content.

Green peppers – I could eat green peppers raw all day. I love the sweet taste. And adding them to a salad or a sandwich is pretty easy too. Green peppers have 93.9% water content.

Cauliflower- I would not have thought this was a hydrating food, but it is. I tried a recipe that used cauliflower as a mashed potato side. It was quite tasty and much healthier for you. Cauliflower has 92.5% water content.

Watermelon- Now this food is definitely one I expected on this list. I am not sure if it is available in all areas in the winter time, but it is here in Florida. It just costs a lot more. Watermelons have 91.5% water content.

Spinach- Yet another salad food, but you can also add spinach as a side dish to your evening meal. It is also very nutritious. Spinach has 91.4% water content.

Star Fruit- I don’t know how many of you have ever heard of star fruit before. I hadn’t until I met my husband. His grandparents have several star fruit trees in their backyard. You would think I would have eaten plenty, but no. And honestly, the taste is hard to describe. I think it tastes like a cross between apples and strawberries. It is a very mild taste. You should try one! Star fruit has 91.4% water content.

Strawberries- Strawberries are another one of my favorites. You can add them to so many things or eat them alone. I like to take the kids strawberry picking. We always have a good time. And afterwards we find new recipes to use them on! strawberries have 91% water content.

Broccoli- I knew if cauliflower was on the list, so was broccoli! Another food you can make as a side dish or eat as a snack too. Broccoli has 90.7% water content.

Grapefruit- Not really sure how it got it’s name. Weird, right? I actually like grapefruit. My grandparents would cut them in half and pour some sugar on it and I would dig the segments out. Grapefruits have 90.5% water content.

Baby Carrots- Another easy food to bring to work as a snack. Dip them in hummus, dressing, or anything low calorie that you feel like. They have 10% more water than regular carrots. Baby carrots have 90.4% water content.

Cantaloupe- Another melon that I love! Here is something to try if you are tired of eating it plain. Put cantaloupe chunks and some yogurt in a blender and puree it. Pour the mixture into a container with a lid and freeze. Now you have sherbert! Yummy! Cantaloupes have 90.2 % water content.

So now you have a list of foods to add to your diet to help you add to your water intake. I am sure you can find at least a few to add to your diet regularly. I know your skin and hair will be ever so grateful!

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