One Way To Save at Disney and More!

Published January 4, 2015 by suejansons

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If you have gone to Disney World , or any theme park for that matter, you know that you can spend a lot of money quickly. We have annual passes, which saves us a lot of money on entrance fees and parking, but it is easy to spend $100 for a day on food and drinks alone. If you follow me, you will know we are on a budget, so I try to save EVERYWHERE I can. I found this great app called ShopKick. I downloaded it to save meney during my regular shopping trips. By accident, I found that just about every purchase at Disney gives me kicks! ShopKick gives you kicks (or points) for walking in stores, scanning products, and purchasing items you would buy anyway. You can trade those kicks  in for gift cards. Pretty cool concept, in my opinion! You can download it here!

When you load the app, you then connect your credit and debit cards to your account so that purchases at participating stores are given kicks. BIG NOTE! If you use a debit card, you must use it as a credit transaction or it does not count towards purchases. I found this out the hard way.

Some stores give you kicks just for walking in. If you open the stores list on the app, it let’s you know which stores give you kicks for walk ins. In my area, Target and WalMart almost always give you kicks. Just have the app open when you walk in and your app will say hello and let you know how many kicks you got.


Another way to get kicks is by scanning products. Just go to the store list, click the store you are at and it will give you a list of products to scan and the amount of kicks you will get for the scan. Just hit the scan icon of the product and the app lets you take a picture with your phone. Really easy.  Honestly, I am not sure why they do this, but it gives me points, so I do it. LOL. I can tell other people scan products too because many of the scan items already have the barcode facing out. Pretty funny really.


The above picture is a sample of some of the stores and scan kicks you could get. Keep in mind that the picture shows high value scans from the holidays. These are not typical. But I say, if you are going there anyway, it is just a bonus, so it doesn’t matter to me how many kicks they are giving. During the holidays, the walk in points were 100 for many stores. Now they are at about 30 depending on the store.

Another perk of the ShopKick app is that they let you know about sales and deals going on at partner stores. I assume these are advertised deals, but I like the fact that you can go to the app, open the store you want to see and see all their top deals in one place.

So my post is about saving at Disney. We went to a Disney Park twice over the holidays. I did not tally up every penny we spent, but I know that we spent about $ 150 between the two days. As I said, all purchases gave me some points. I received a total of 930 kicks during our two visits. In my research, it looks like you get $2 for every 500 kicks, so I have earned almost $ 4 for my two visits. Sure, it may not seem like a lot, but  you would be spending this money anyway. Why not get something back for it? And the more you spend, the more kicks you get, so I feel a little less guilty when I spend money there. We got kicks for drinks, food and merchandise, which I think is pretty cool. One more word of caution. You must wait 30 days for purchase kicks to become available for redemption. But I am a patient women and looking forward to getting my gift cards! I am saving my kicks for a higher value gift card to Macy’s. So excited!

Even if you don’t go to Disney, this app will help you save. If you are a shopaholic, you will rack up the kicks really fast.

Download the app today here and start earning some gift cards! Happy shopping!




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