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Lorne Michaels is the most influential man in comedy

Published February 14, 2015 by suejansons

Making Your Own Book Of Love With Blurb

Published February 2, 2015 by suejansons

Even if you’re not in a romantic relationship (or if you are and just want to do something special for yourself), you can still make a book that’s all about love—the things that YOU love. It’s about time you did something for yourself, right? Get some inspiration here.

Here’s how you can go about it:

First, figure out what you’re writing about. Are you passionate about photography? Cooking? Your kids? Your pets? Design or fashion? If it’s more than one subject, could they work together? For instance, if you love cooking and also enjoy taking great photos, you’re definitely in luck when it comes to documenting your creations.

Once you’ve picked your subject, start collecting your material. If you aren’t the greatest photographer in the world, ask a talented friend to take pictures or use an app like Instagram to make your photos gorgeous. The hard part might be picking your absolute favorites—I know I have a hard time not including almost every shot I take.

Next, either start your book online or download Blurb’s handy book-making software and start laying out your book. You can use just your photos or add text (like captions) or even just write about what you love. Here’s a tip—use stories from your blog or emails you’ve sent as written material.

Once you’ve arranged your content on your pages, check to make sure everything’s just right and hit order. You’ll have a book that’s all about what you love and a Valentine’s Day gift (for yourself). Want to see some examples of great books? Check them out here.

My husband and I made a book before we got married and we absolutely love it! Hope you create something you love, too!

(All opinions are my own. If you purchase a book using my links, I may be compensated.)



Skin Care Is Important Part 2

Published February 1, 2015 by suejansons

Make up remover

This is my 2nd installment of my skin care series. This one deals with make up remover. We all know how important it is to remove make up, not to mention dirt and oil from our faces. It is especially important as you get older. So ladies, no matter what your age, get into good skin care habits now! You will be so glad you did!

Whatever you do, do not use soap! This is worse than not removing it, in my opinion. Soap is very drying and removes the moisture from your skin. No Bueno! If you are using soap, stop immediately! I am following up with the cheapest, most awesome makeup remover! You will swear by it once you try it!

I used to use Mary Kay make up remover. I will tell you this. It is a great product! For a long time, it was the only product I would use to remove makeup. There is only one problem. It cost too much for me. I have a few friends that are Mary Kay consultants, and I know that all the Mary Kay products are great and I feel like they are worth the price, but my budget disagrees. Sorry my Mary Kay friends!

So I scoured Pinterest and found a few recipes for making your own make up remover. Most of them used the same ingredients, which made me feel good about trying them. And the best part is that it literally costs pennies for each batch you make.

What you will need is:

Baby Shampoo (About $4 for the large bottle)

Baby Oil (About $4 for the large bottle)

Water (Free!)

Container (Depends on the size, and you could use something you already have in your home. I paid $ 1.79 for a 3 oz bottle)

Super simple, right? And all the ingredients still cost less than one bottle of a quality make up remover. So, I purchased all of these items and started experimenting. The first batch worked well, but I didn’t think that it had the same feel as I was used to and liked. So I continued mixing batches until I found the right combination.

So here is my tried and true recipe! And you can always experiment yourself to make it the mix that you like.

Put the following in a container to store and use.

Two Ounces Water

1 Teaspoon Baby Shampoo

2 Tablespoons Baby Oil

Shake well to mix ingredients. Always shake before use. For larger containers, just double your batch.

I have also seen where people add these ingredients into a mason car and keep the cotton pads in the container. I personally prefer to keeping it in a bottle.

I have one other important tip that I would like to share. Always use cotton pads. Never use tissues. And always follow up with a good quality moisturizer.

Watch for my next installment in my skin care series coming soon!

Have a tip to share? Want to see a specific topic? Please comment below!





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